Mind Cure Health to Offer Psychedelic-Assisted Treatments in British Columbia

  • Mind Cure Health plans to open its first center in Kelowna, British Columbia in May 2021. 
  • The center will offer patients access to ketamine and psilocybin-assisted therapies through Section 56 exemptions to Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Mind Cure Health president and chief executive officer Kelsey Ramsden said the center would also act as a training hub for therapists who want to offer psychedelic-assisted therapies. 

Canadian mental health and wellness company Mind Cure Health has announced it will be opening its first center offering psychedelic-assisted mental health therapies and therapist training in Kelowna, British Columbia, next year. The center, scheduled to open in May 2021, will offer patients access to ketamine and psilocybin therapeutic treatments by utilizing Section 56 exemptions to Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Under the act, the Minister of Health can grant an exemption if it is necessary for a medical or scientific purpose, or if it is otherwise in the public interest. 

In a statement on December 10, Mind Cure Health said the company’s first center would “enable treatment and study of psychedelic-assisted therapy with personalized and technology-enabled care, supporting individuals before, during, and after treatment.” “The Kelowna location will offer eight treatment rooms and will serve a very important role in Mind Cure beyond its therapeutic opportunities,” Mind Cure Health said. 

“Mind Cure believes that a number of people seeking psychedelic-assisted therapy are not just those seeking relief from depression, migraines, and physical and psychological pain, but also individuals following the lead of executives, first from Silicon Valley and now, around the world, who have been looking to enhance their holistic wellness plans and productivity utilizing these therapeutic experiences.” 

Center to Offer Training for Therapists

Mind Cure Health president and CEO Kelsey Ramsden said the company had always seen its business as caring for individual mental health and wellness. “This first Mind Cure Health Center will also act as a training hub as we advance our training model for therapists who want to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy in their clinics, or who want to better understand the care offered by Mind Cure so that they can feel confident referring patients,” Ramsden said. 

“Kelowna is a logical first location for a Mind Cure Health Center, both because of its proximity to Vancouver and Calgary, International Airports, as well as its growing local population and reputation as a destination city.” The health center will initially only offer ketamine and psilocybin treatments, however, Mind Cure Health also plans on rolling out an experience “driven by technology for both therapists and patients, to enhance treatment potential and improve post-therapy integration and patient outcomes,” the company said.

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