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Mind Cure Announces Launch of iSTRYM APP

  • Mind Cure Health releases mental health digital platform to close the gaps between patients, researchers, and therapists
  • iSTRYM will provide data on a patient, psychedelic protocols and procedures to health professionals
  • The app will use AI to collect information found across datasets to provide better diagnoses, treatment and ultimately personalized care

Canadian mental health and wellness company Mind Cure Health has announced the release of iSTRYM, a digital therapeutic tool designed to offer close to real-time data on patient care while providing access to the psychedelic research, procedures and protocols for the mental health care workers and patients.

In a statement on January 6, Kelsey Ramsden, President and CEO of Mind Cure, said, “As a life sciences and digital therapeutics company, providing speed to market with novel psychedelic therapies through deeper data analytics is a strength we are developing with iSTRYM. Further, as we build out our database for mental wellness, both therapists and individuals will get mental wellness protocols for wellness optimization and support. iSTRYM exists to become the source that individuals turn to for science-backed, personalized mental health support at scale.”

“We’re developing the kind of global administration portal that could become the solution the industry needs. One of the key differentiators in our proprietary tech piece is the implementation of artificial intelligence, working in the background, to taxonify the uncategorized daily inputs from patients into tangible assets that will then inform treatments. From onboarding patients to collecting critical insights across different arms of the psychedelics research space, iSTRYM could revolutionize the way we build communities around a common goal of mental wellness,” said Geoff Belair, CTO of Mind Cure.

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What Is iSTRYM?

iSTRYM is a centralized system for psychedelic research. It works by gathering patients’ data, such as local weather, location, mood and heart rate throughout or after the psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions. This data will be utilized by the app’s artificial intelligence to provide insights to patients and healthcare workers on the psychedelic treatment and ultimately personalized care experiences for each individual.

According to the company’s statement, the name iSTRYM “reflects empathy, commonalities, and Mind Cure’s mission as an adaptive mental wellness company.” “The lowercase “I” represents the collective “we” of humanity and life on planet Earth, all of which are connecting, building, and reflecting together as pillars in our world. As a stream flows, adapts, grows, and changes, so do we. We choose to work collectively, utilizing data to elevate and transform our collective mental wellness.”

The launch of iSTRYM makes Mind Cure the latest psychedelics company to venture into digital therapeutics, as apps, AI, and tech as a whole become increasingly prominent in the space.

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