Micro-Dosing Peyote

Peyote, is a type of cactus. Within the cactus, is the chemical mescaline which creates a psychedelic high. These cacti grow close to the ground, and the “peyote buttons” are cut from the cactus for use. It is typically consumed one of two ways; by eating or by brewing it to a tea, or increasingly in a micro-dosing form. The ingestion of Peyote causes a psychedelic experience that includes enhanced colours and breathing environments and notes of euphoria.

Similarly to other psychedelics like San Pedro, Peyote has its roots in Native American and pre-Columbian ceremonial traditions. However, its uses have grown beyond this and now can be found in meditation and psychotherapy and it eventually made its way to Western usage. 

Micro-Dosing Peyote is sensible for a plethora of reasons. Firstly, gaining access to the substance is comically easy. A simple Google search will reveal a number of reputable sellers. As well, the unique psychedelic effects of Peyote can be felt even at a micro-dosing amount. 

Micro-Dosing Effects

Mescaline, the psycho-active compound found within Peyote, can be classified as a phenethylamine. Thus, it activates serotonin receptors, specifically the 2A receptor subtype. Even at a reduced dose, the effects are significant. Studies show an enhanced fluency of ideas, and the ability to see problems at a broader level, increased empathy, and better problem-solving skills.  A full dose is either 50-100g of fresh peyote or 10-20g of dry weight. However, for microdosing, 10-30 g of fresh peyote of 0.9 g of dried Peyote is recommended.  It is crucial to note that the older the substance, the more potent.

Approaching Peyote for Micro-Dosing 

While Peyote can either be chewed or brewed as a tea, many find the taste of Peyote off-putting. However, creating a powder from the dried cactus is an emerging method of Peyote that many users are turning to. 

Schedule for Micro-Dosing Peyote 

The Micro-Dosing effects typically last up to 12 hours, so it is recommended to take in the morning. Typically, Micro-Dosers consume the substance every four days. It is discouraged to take Peyote more than every four days. However, taking Peyote twice a week should continue for up to several weeks.

Benefits and Risks  Benefits 

Personal Insight, Mood Enhancement, Increased Empathy and Creativity, Lifestyle Changes and Lucid Dreams are just some of the benefits that Micro-Dosers have observed. Many musicians micro-dose with Mescaline based on its heightened creativities and calmness.  As well, it helps to increase physical endurance in one’s self and reduce feelings of anxiety.


While many find that Mescaline aids their anxiety, some believe it has the opposite effect. Some also report a slight come-down, similar to MDMA, after use. Yet, this comedown can typically be offset by a combination of diet and exercise. As well, Mescaline might dilate ones pupils so wary users are suggested to wear sunglasses. Some also claim of stomach and bowel issues upon usage, however this is typically only the case for larger doses. While less at a Micro-Dosing level, Vasoconstriction could be an issue, so the use of Mescaline should never be combined with blood pressure medications. Even individuals with High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems should avoid Mescaline as a whole. As well, the use of Mescaline is highly discouraged for pregnant individuals. As well, Mescaline is encouraged on its own – and not combined with other substances. While there is a lack of research to support the claim, some antidepressants and foods containing tyramine can cause the nausea symptoms to worsen. As well, there are contradictions in research about the combination of Mescaline and Cannabis. One user who combined the two started shaking. However, this could have had to do with vasoconstriction, and not the combination of the two substances.


Since Peyote is used in many native ceremonies, the drug is protected under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. 17 However, on a municipal level within the US, Peyote is decriminalized in Oakland and Santa Cruz, California. Peyote is legal in Canada, Netherland and Ukaraine. Peyote is illegal in Brazil, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, and United States – unless used under the religious freedom act.

History & Stats

The specific origin of Peyote is unclear and debated. However, it is agreed upon that it originated in a plethora of Native American tribes. Different tribes use Peyote for different purposes. The Tarahumara tribe uses it for foot races and to help ease wounds, burns and painful joints. Alternately, the Huichol tribe uses it for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. However, outside of this tribe, using Peyote while pregnant is highly discouraged.

Eventually, Peyote spread outside of Native communities. During the 16th Century, Catholic missionaries and conquistadors attended Native ceremonies.

Its use was condemned during the conquest of the New World where Europeans correlated Peyote with the devil, cannibalism and witchcraft. Many members of Native communities were punished by Europeans for using Peyote. Yet, despite the conflict that resulted, its use within Native communities only grew and grew. As well, by 1885 the Native American Church was established helping to legitimize the rituals and ceremonies of these tribes. In both a 1960 Arizona court case and the 1978 American Indian Religious Freedom Act helped to safeguard the use of Peyote within Native American communities.

Current Usage 

Peyote is highly popular in Mexico, being listed as one of the top 20 drugs. Google Searches on Peyote has remained consistent since 2004, and media exposure (such as its cameo in Grand Theft Auto V) help to popularize the substance.

Where does Peyote Grow?

Peyote is almost exclusively grown in Mexico, in the Chichahuan Desert. However, it can be found in the Southwest of American in Texas and New Mexico.


Can it be detected in a drug test? 

It can be detected in urine for 1-4 days upon use. However, standard drug screens do not screen for Peyote so it is not a massive issue.

Where to buy Peyote?

Surprisingly, Google is the best place to Peyote. There are a variety of legitimate sellers online that sell

Is Peyote legal to grow?

In many countries, it would be deemed legal with the exception of the United States where growth is illegal. However, it takes years, if not decades, to grow.

Is Micro-Dosing Mescaline illegal?

Depends on the country. The consumption of it is legal in Netherlands and Germany, while most of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK is illegal.

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