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Decriminalize Nature Eyes Psychedelic Reforms in San Francisco


  • After historic victories in Washington DC and Oregon, Decriminalize Nature is working on getting entheogenic plants decriminalized in San Francisco.
  • A call between Decriminalize Nature and Francisco’s District Attorney Chesa Boudin is scheduled for this Thursday, November 12.
  • Decriminalize Nature is optimistic about the initiative and is hoping for a favourable result.

Days after Oregon and Washington DC made history with the legalization and decriminalization of entheogenic plants, Decriminalize Nature has its sights set on furthering the cause. The organization will ask San Francisco’s District Attorney to make arrests for the possession of entheogenic plants that city’s lowest law enforcement priority.

The meeting with San Francisco’s DA Chesa Boudin is scheduled for November 12. Two days prior to the call, Decriminalize Nature’s team is busy with internal meetings, discussing their approach in delivering their message effectively.  “We’re currently sending a bunch of material to the District Attorney’s office to educate them about why entheogens should be decriminalized,” Carlos Plazola, Chair of Decriminalize Nature tells Truffle Report.

Decriminalize Nature has been advocating for psychedelic plant medicine, growing the conversation as they go. DN is now pushing for changes in drug-related legislation in many US states and districts. The organization has led several successful campaigns to have psychedelics decriminalized in the US cities of Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Ann Arbour. Their most recent victories were registered in Oregon and Washington DC ballots, and declared alongside the US Federal election results last week.

The team is preparing for a meeting with Boudin’s key staff members, and are optimistic about the results considering the District Attorney’s previous progressive drug policy stances.

Decriminalize Nature’s DC Victory May Work in Their Favor

With DN still fresh from last week’s win, Oregon and Washington DC’s changes in legislation may have a positive impact on the upcoming meeting. 

“Any time that we pass a resolution in another city, it enables greater confidence in the next people that we talk to. I am hopeful that because of the passed resolution in DC and because of his progressive policies, the District Attorney will be very open to making such an announcement,” Plazola says while sharing his confidence in the campaign.

The initiative in San Francisco was put forward in mid-September of this year, with the goal of persuading the city’s District Attorney to enact changes in local laws against entheogens.

Galvanized by recent success, Decriminalize Nature is working at full force to launch and lead similar initiatives in a dozen cities and counties in 2021. “We also intend to work with district attorneys and county prosecutors to get them to make pledges on enforcement against the use of entheogenic plants and fungi,” Plazola says.

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