James sits down with Chris Koddermann of the International Therapeutic Psilocybin Rescheduling Initiative, or ITPRI, to discuss their new campaign to reform psilocybin laws on the world stage.

Christopher Koddermann is a Swiss-based government affairs, public policy and communications specialist with extensive experience advising clients operating in complex, highly regulated, multi-stakeholder industries. With over 20 years’ experience in politics and public affairs, Christopher has advised and represented clients on a broad range of national and global regulatory issues, including in relation to WHO proceedings.

Prior to launching his public affairs business, Koddermann Public Affairs, in 2018, Christopher held senior global government affairs and communications leadership roles in the corporate sector. A lawyer by training, he spent the early part of his career working as a political and policy advisor to various Canadian federal and provincial cabinet Ministers.

In addition to his work with ITPRI, Chris is a member of Drug Science’s Medical Psychedelics Working Group.

Find ITPRI online: http://reschedulepsilocybin.org/#/res…
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItpriOrg
On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/inte…

What makes peyote unique among psychedelics?

Lophos Pharma is a #peyote focused psychedelics company co-founded by wife and husband duo Claire and Evan Stawnyczy to explore mescaline’s therapeutic potential.

Read the full interview here: http://ow.ly/kN6w50I3vzt

The push for medical #DMT is on. Truffle Report looks at top corporate and scientific developments involving the spirit molecule from @mindmedco, @AlgernonPharma, @entheonbiomed, @SmallPharma and more.

Full article here: http://ow.ly/khee50HXOHz

#science #business #medicine

Our CEO and Co-Founder @flobrand spoke to @amanda_siebert @Forbes to give deeper context on the significance of our donation to @MAPS and the importance of collaboration between for-profit and non-profits in tackling the #mentalhealth crisis.

See: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amandasiebert/2022/02/16/exclusive-maps-accepts-500k-donation-from-atai-life-sciences-philanthropy-arm/

A Hawaii legislative committee has approved a bill that proposes the establishment of a working group to study the therapeutic benefits of #psilocybin by a vote of 5-0.

Read the full story here: http://ow.ly/4WWI50HWJtL

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"Inspired by a device created by in the 1950s, the creators hope to bring free transcendental experiences to 100,000 Britons – and unite the country through communal hallucinations"


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