Lophos Pharma: Exploring the Potential of Mescaline

Oklahoma psilocybin bill image

Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Psilocybin Bill in Committee

Australia Psychedelics Image

What’s Next for Australia’s Psychedelics Movement?

DMT Research Image

The Latest in DMT Research: Leading Companies and Key Studies

Dimensions Healing Truffle Talks Image

Truffle Talks Episode 3: Chris Dawson and Andrew Galloway of Dimensions Healing

Truffle Talks Episode 1: Episode 1: Novamind & Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Frontline Workers Image

Truffle Talks Episode 1: Novamind & Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Frontline Workers

yeast derived synthetic psilocybin

No Need for Magic Mushrooms? Producing Synthetic Psilocybin from Bacteria and Yeast

Maryland Senators Propose Free Psychedelics for Veterans with PTSD 

Psychedelic Business News Image

Top Psychedelic Business News: Feb 7-11

Top Stories

ATMA Journey Centres Legal Psilocybin Safety trial

Health Canada Grants Private Company Approval for Healthcare Professionals to Take Psilocybin, Prove Safety

Maine Psilocybin Bill Image

Maine Lawmakers Hear Testimonies For and Against Psilocybin Bill

Michigan Psychedelic Ballot Image

Psychedelics Decriminalization Ballot Proposal Filed in Michigan

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It’s the abiding principle on which medicine is practiced under the Hippocratic Oath, and it has us thinking.

Truffle Report is relatively new in this space. The spiritual, medicinal, and recreational use of psychedelics are ancient practices, found in cultures across the globe through nearly the entire length of recorded human history. Our goal is to deliver the best possible content, reflecting all that psychedelics have to offer, without distorting, idealizing, or fetishizing the practices of these cultures. 

We also seek to handle these substances with care, to encourage responsible business practices and legal reform, stay up-to-date on the latest medical and scientific data, and to feature relevant disclaimers on how they are known to impact mental and physical health.

Our mission is to accurately represent psychedelics, along with our intentions surrounding them.

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